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Campaign Rules

General Character Rules

Characters will be generated using Epic Fantasy Point Buy, as described in the Ability Score Generation part of the SRD/Core Rulebook.

Characters will be given maximum gold based on their character class.

Characters will be given maximum HP at first level. For each level thereafter, the player has the choice of taking the average +1 as shown in the table below, or rolling their hit die. The DM will also roll the hit die, and the player will take the higher of the two rolls. Once the rolls are completed, the player must take the higher result; they cannot then opt to take the average.

Die Type Value
d6 4
d8 5
d10 6
d12 7

If a character dies during play, and it is decided that he/she will not be brought back and will be ‘retired’, or if a character is retired from play for any other reason, the player will be allowed to create a new character at one level below the lowest level character in the party, not to exceed two levels below the highest level member of the party. The player will be given gold equal to the character wealth per level, and should follow the guidelines in Character Wealth By Level in regards to percentages allowed per item.

Forgotten Realms Materials

Additional materials for character generation for feats, spells, domains, deities, and more are located on the Pathfinder Forgotten Realms page.

Allowed Materials

Artifacts Unlimited uses the Pathfinder RPG, with all base books allowed.

The following books are allowed specifically, in their entirety:

  • Core Rulebook
  • Advanced Player’s Guide
  • Ultimate Combat
  • Ultimate Magic
  • Ultimate Equipment
  • Bestiary
  • Bestiary 2
  • Bestiary 3
  • Adventurer’s Armory

The following books are allowed with caveats:

  • Advanced Race Guide
    Custom races are not allowed. All standard races are allowed. All featured races are allowed except for Drow and Fetchling. Dhampir, Goblin, Hobgoblin, Kobold, and Orc are not recommended as player characters. Uncommon races are not allowed with the exception of Kitsune and Vishkanya. No other races are allowed. All races are subject to approval of the DM, as are exceptions to these rules.

Hero Lab

All characters will be placed into Hero Lab for validation purposes. If the player does not have Hero Lab, then the DM will validate the character using Hero Lab. For true validation, Hero Lab should be configured as so:

  • Type: Hero (PC)
  • Point Buy: Epic Fantasy
  • All of the “James’s Forgotten Reams Campaign” modules
  • Advanced Player’s Guide
  • Advanced Player’s Guide Familiars
  • Advanced Player’s Guide Traits
  • Advanced Player’s Guide New Combat Maneuvers
  • Advanced Race Guide
  • Race Builder
  • Ultimate Combat
  • Ultimate Magic
  • Ultimate Magic Familiars
  • Bestiary
  • Bestiary 2
  • Bestiary 3
  • Bonus Bestiary
  • Adventurer’s Armory
  • Character Traits Web Enhancement
  • GameMastery Guide
  • Paizo Blog
  • Medium Advancement
  • Emerging Guns
  • Allow all Modern Languages
  • Don’t Require Memorized Spells
  • No Coin Weight
  • Average HPs at New Levels (Can be overridden, see General Character Rules)
  • Output Options can be whatever the player desires

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