Welcome to Artifacts Unlimited!

This is a campaign of exploration and adventure, and digging into the deep places of Faerun in order to make a profit. A profit? Yes! Saving the world is for those goody two-shoes adventurers… or is it?

The company Artifacts Unlimited was created to compete and supersede Aurora’s Whole Realms, servicing a different clientele. While Aurora was servicing the lower and merchant classes, Artifacts Unlimited would cater to a select group – the rich and the powerful. Wizards, nobles, and anyone else with the money can contract their services, purchase items, and more. But more importantly, where do the items come from? Field agents must be found.

That’s where the players come in.

Will you help Artifacts Unlimited become a household name? Or will you fail in your missions, or even compete directly with them? What about others looking for the same item, in competition? Only time will tell.


The game will begin in Waterdeep, City of Splendors. The group must pass the initial trials to prove that they are worthy to be called ‘Initiate Field Agents’ and earn their badges.

Artifacts Unlimited

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